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Sven Correia


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The challenge

Tofu is an all natural, plant-based protein source which can substitute meat. However, people avoid it because of several reasons: - Tofu is tasteless - Tofu is difficult to cook with - Tofu has a weird constancy - Tofu takes a long time to prepare (pressing the water out, marinating, etc..) So the goal is to make tofu more attractive for the general public by decreasing the difficulty to cook with it and increasing the flavor naturally.

The solution

myTofu produces self-made tofu where the flavor is enhanced by using natural ingredients such as fresh vegetables and spices. The cooking experience is facilitated drastically. The end-consumer only needs to take the tofu out of the packaging, put it in a pre-heated pan with olive oil / vegetable butter, add some salt and pepper and after 5 min the tofu is crispy brown and ready to eat!

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